Southern Border Security

Border security along our southern border has many issues that need to be fixed to provide security for Americans and equity in our immigration system. 

Many proposals would be expensive and ineffective, while also being ecologically disastrous. The issue has become politicized to the point where there doesn’t seem to be any possible compromise, but our leaders are focusing on single solutions instead of the solutions proposed by groups across the political spectrum.


When searching for solutions, we need to work with border security experts, immigrant advocates, and the Mexican government to provide effective, secure, humane border security.

See Andrew’s policies on a Pathway to Citizenship, and on the DREAM Act, to get a more complete view of how Andrew would tackle the immigration and border security issue.

Problems to be Solved

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    Large numbers of people are entering the United States without permission.
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    Those entering the country without permission often do so through risky means.
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    Cartels and individuals are trafficking drugs and humans into and out of the US.
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    Our asylum system is overwhelmed with cases.
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    Ineffective solutions have become the only solutions that are being discussed with any level of specificity.
  • We need to enforce the border. Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike agree that this is a pressing need for the good of both citizens and those who wish to come here.  Though there are new technologies that could help, the best approaches are to do what we are currently doing better with more resources.


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    Safeguard Americans
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    Decrease the number of people entering this country without permission
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    Protect victims of trafficking
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    Stop the flow of illegal drugs from Mexico into the US
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    Prevent cartel violence from affecting America
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    Provide a humane experience for those seeking asylum

As President I will...

  • Increase funding to secure our landed ports of entry, where most drugs enter the United States.
  • Increase funding to our Customs Enforcement teams that are tasked with preventing human trafficking both into and out of the US.
  • Invest in technologies such as ground and aerial sensors, and video towers, to allow for efficient and effective means of monitoring stretches of the US/Mexico border that are rarely crossed but still provide means of entering the US.
  • Provide body cameras for all agents along the US/Mexico border.
  • Invest heavily in protecting and renewing the Rio Grande, which serves as a great natural boundary, and is currently ecologically struggling.
  • Provide all resources necessary to allow our asylum court system to function properly, lowering the backlog of cases.
  • Work with the Mexican government on all of these initiatives, as well as anti-cartel initiatives, to ensure a positive relationship that allows both countries to serve the needs of their citizens.