Right to Privacy/Abortion and Contraception

In a perfect world, only those who are ready for and desire a child would become pregnant. But that’s not the world we live in.  

Everyone has a right to bodily integrity, and more needs to be done to ensure that women have and maintain that right.

Access to birth control should be provided to all Americans. It should be the decision of each individual whether she wants to use it, not a decision made for her by her doctor, family, or where she lives.

Access to safe and affordable abortion services should also be provided to all Americans. Requirements placed by individual states on access should be subject to oversight by a board of doctors, not the whims of legislators who have no background on the procedure or even the basics of medicine.

The two most effective ways to decrease the number of abortions are to provide every woman with access to contraceptives and to provide financial, emotional, and structural support to individuals who are financially struggling and become pregnant—Universal Basic Income would accomplish this for many prospective parents.

Problems to be Solved

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    The right of many American women to have control over their bodies is being unconstitutionally eroded by legislators with no medical background.
  • Whether to have a child is an immense personal decision. In my view, it is solely up to the woman what course to take. As a society, we should support mothers in ways big and small if they do decide to have children. I respect the feelings that many Americans have on this issue, and appreciate the values one brings to bear. But it should always be up to the woman what to do. I have the feeling that if men became pregnant instead of women there would be absolutely no restriction on reproductive rights.


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    Protect the right to privacy of American women
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    Treat women equally

As President I will...

  • Appoint judges who support a woman’s right to choose.  
  • Support a woman’s right to choose in every circumstance and provide resources for planning and contraception.