Move to Higher Ground

The time to start fighting climate change was decades ago. Because we were irresponsible and didn’t take the threat seriously, we’re past the point where we can avoid some terrible impacts.

We need to move to higher ground. Both literally and figuratively.

As glaciers melt, the ocean expands with heat, and ice sheets in the Arctic and Greenland melt, we’re heading for a crisis. Estimates of sea level rise by 2100 range between 10 and 30 inches; this will displace at least 13 million people in the US by the end of the century. Several other countries are already moving their populations to higher ground to escape the encroaching water, and America is likely to see communities needing to do the same.

This will cost billions of dollars. We need to come together to help those who are most affected by climate change in our country. As with most natural disasters, poor and minority communities are often hit the hardest.

We need to help individuals and communities prepare for this inevitability, either through direct adaptation of their residences, or by helping them to relocate. Let’s help our people out and ensure that everyone is as safe as possible from the world we’ve created.

Problems to be Solved

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    Sea levels are rising. Whether we like it or not.
  • As sea levels rise because of the melting of ice sheets in Greenland and the Arctic, hurricanes become more intense and frequent, floods become more common, and wildfires spread faster through a drier forest, we need to realize what is happening and adapt to our new world.


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    Adapt to a changing climate

As President I will...

  • Research coastal communities that are likely to be impacted by rising sea levels and provide property owners with information about risks and options.
  • Make up to $40 billion available in subsidies, grants, and low-interest loans to individuals who wish to elevate or relocate their homes, or move to higher ground.
  • Help communities plan for rising sea levels with expertise and information.
  • Invest $30 billion in high-risk cities to build seawalls and water pumps, upgrade roads and sewer systems, and rejuvenate beaches to serve as barriers to rising sea levels.