Make it Easy for Americans to Move for Work

Many Americans live in areas where there are few available jobs. However, they also don’t have the means to move to an area with better job prospects. And frequently, professional licenses don’t travel to different localities or states.

In order to help people move to areas with more jobs, the federal government should subsidize the moving costs for Americans who are relocating for work. It should also work with state licensure boards to increase the mobility of individual licenses.

Problems to be Solved

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    Americans often want to move for better job prospects but can’t afford the costs.
  • Americans are moving less than ever, which is bad for our labor market, our economy and our culture. Moving is an act of optimism that leads to adaptability and positive change. We need to get America moving again for new opportunities.


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    Make it easier for Americans to move for work

As President I will...

  • Direct the IRS to create a program to refund up to $1,000 of moving expenses for any American relocating for work.
  • Push to reevaluate which professional licenses are actually necessary, and remove the requirement that federal contracts go to people with those licenses when they are deemed to be unnecessary.
  • Work with licensure boards to increase the mobility of professional licenses.
  • Universal Basic Income will help address this as well by giving more Americans the financial resources to move.