NEW YORK — Presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s campaign launched a six-figure paid digital ad in early primary states, highlighting the importance of access to affordable, quality healthcare and assistance for special needs families in the United States.

“We know that Andrew having the first opportunity to introduce himself personally and on his own terms will be critical to victory. Paid media and direct contact with voters from the campaign is the most effective form of communication in 2019,” stated Eric Ming, the campaign’s Digital Director.

“That’s why we’re launching digital ads that include the future First Family and issues that Andrew and Evelyn are passionate about addressing for American families.”

The ad, which was developed in-house, will reach voters in early primary states.

“If you have a child with special needs, it’s expensive. If you don’t have access to good healthcare, families literally have nothing,” Evelyn says in the new ad.

“We need to move towards a Medicare for All system where every American has access to quality and affordable services and start supporting families in a real way,” Andrew says.