Hello and thank you for your support!  It means everything to us.

Our latest rally was Thursday night in Atlanta—more than 1,000 amazing people came out.  We made many new friends; the Humanity First Tour is a blast and getting bigger and better as we grow.  The rally was covered in the Atlanta Journal Constitution the next day.

A large crowd gathered in a public place to hear Andrew Yang speak Andrew Yang addresses a gathering of supporters in Atlanta

One benefit of the Tour is all of the press we have been getting at each stop.  A couple people have run analyses of the number of press mentions and articles about different presidential candidates.  Perhaps not surprisingly, I am in last place.

A graph of all the media coverage of each presidential candidate

What you might not realize is this is a GREAT sign for the campaign.

We are polling at 3% nationally despite most people never having heard of me.  If we are drawing that support despite low name recognition and little press, that means that as more people find out about us we will do better and better.  Indeed, one person ran an analysis on the polling-to-article ratio, and I am well ahead of the field.

An analysis of the polling performance of Andrew vs. the news coverage, compared to other candidates

This speaks to the power of our campaign.  Many of you have been drawn to this campaign by our specific policies and ideas.  We pride ourselves on having a clear vision that we have laid out for the world to see. Of course there is the Freedom Dividend and Human-Centered Capitalism, but there are also banning robocalls, a psychologist in the White House, paying NCAA athletes, legalizing marijuana, improving student loans and college affordability, a carbon tax and many others.

We have been putting out new policies for the past several weeks.  If you haven’t been to our policy page in a while you’re sure to find something new.  Our ideas are strong enough to sweep the nation if more people find out about them.

This is where we need your help.

Many of you have been spreading the word—thank you for that.  This weekend, please do send your favorite interview or write-up or policy to your friends.  Some of the most commonly shared pieces on the campaign are:

Long form interview:

  1. Joe Rogan, Breakfast Club, Ben Shapiro, Freakonomics, Sam Harris


  1. NYTimes, CNBC, Washington Post, Business Insider, CNN

Short video:

  1. Campaign of Ideas video (2:00)
  2. Town Hall clips (1:00)
  3. Wing Ding speech (15:00)
  4. Campaign Launch Video (2:00)
  5. New Hampshire Freedom Dividend (3:00)

The more you share our vision for the country the stronger it will become.  The way this campaign wins is if we become a movement.  And that can only happen with your help.  We recently passed 100,000 donors and are excited to get to 200,000 by the summer.

Thank you again for your support.  This week, the Humanity First Tour goes to Los Angeles, Nevada, and Des Moines—would love to see you and your friends there!  Our rallies and events are a lot of fun.

The right ideas and the right people can change the world. Let’s prove it.

Have a great holiday weekend.

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