NEW YORK — Screenwriter and director James Gunn announced today that he is endorsing Andrew Yang for president. Gunn is best known for films such as Guardians of the GalaxyDawn of the Dead, and Super.

“Andrew Yang is willing to discuss the tough issues our country is facing right now, instead of running from them, and come up with positive, unique, and excitingly revolutionary new ways to tackle the future,” said Gunn. “In a time when so many politicians are out to serve only themselves or whatever small group makes up their base, I believe Andrew can help us make a better America for all Americans. Hope and Ingenuity 2020!”

Gunn’s endorsement comes as Andrew Yang continues to campaign New Hampshire today, hosting town halls and having conversations with voters to share his vision for rewriting the rules of the 21st century economy so it works for everyone. It also follows the campaign’s $16.5 million fundraising haul in the final quarter of 2019, showing the lasting power and mounting momentum of his candidacy.