Today, Andrew Yang announced that on November 30, the campaign had its single largest fundraising haul to date. In 24 hours, the campaign raised nearly $750,000 online from more than 18,000 contributions. The average donation was around $41.

“The chorus of support behind our campaign is growing louder with each passing day. The voices of these more than 300,000 donors to our campaign and the millions of Americans who are hungry for real change will be heard,” said Campaign Chief Nick Ryan. “If the political establishment was shaken when they saw what we accomplished in Q3, they better brace themselves in the coming months because we’re going to continue to shatter expectations and win this race.”

The single-day fundraising record set yesterday by the campaign’s supporters builds on Q3’s growth that outpaced many candidates in the race. From $2.8M in donations in Q2 to over $10M in Q3, the Yang campaign is resonating with voters in a way that other campaigns aren’t.

The fundraising record is especially remarkable given the Thanksgiving holiday weekend when large portions of Americans are spending their money on Black Friday and Cyber Monday consumer goods sales. The Yang Gang, Andrew Yang’s die-hard supporters, continue to show their unwavering and incomparable support for the campaign, providing the resources needed to build out campaign infrastructure and reach new voters with just a couple months until the voting starts.

The constantly growing support for the Yang campaign extends beyond impressive fundraising numbers, however. Following a #PledgeForHumanity initiative launched by Andrew Yang last week to encourage everyone to give back to their communities, people committed nearly 3,000 hours to embracing the campaign’s Humanity First values through volunteerism today, whether it’s helping out at a soup kitchen, cleaning up a neighborhood park, or writing letters to service members.

At a time when other campaigns are cutting back on resources and staff to stay in the race or sustain their current levels, the Yang campaign is expanding its footprint and ability to compete in early voting states with new offices and more staff. Additionally, the campaign is seeing record turnout to rallies, grassroots fundraisers, and other events, while Andrew Yang continues to perform better than most candidates in the polls.