• Quinnipiac poll in New Hampshire has Yang at 4 percent.
  • Yang polls fourth among young voters and ties for third among voters who place the economy as their most important issue.
  • Continues this fall’s campaign momentum.

In a Quinnipiac poll released today, Andrew Yang has received 4 percent support in New Hampshire, the second poll qualifying him for the December debate. Quinnipiac University conducted the live phone poll of likely Democratic primary voters between November 6 and 10.

“Andrew Yang is going to be on that stage come December. As more voters hear Andrew’s message of humanity first economy, our support is only going to grow in the polls. More voters are hearing out message and recognizing that we need a new approach so we can leave a better world for our children. Andrew represents that new way forward,” said Zach Graumann, Campaign Manager.

Yang long ago surpassed the donor requirement to qualify for the December debate. This poll marks two of four qualifying polls for Yang to earn a spot on the December debate stage.

The poll shows Yang polling fourth among New Hampshire voters aged 18 to 34. It also shows him tied for third among voters in the Granite State who place the economy as their most important issue, and tied for fourth among voters who prioritize a Candidate who cares about them.

Yang’s Filing Rally on Friday in New Hampshire attracted a huge crowd of supporters. Yang has steadily gained support throughout the fall, a result of having the resources needed to advertise and build a professional campaign team. The campaign has multiple offices in the early primary and caucus states and has placed an ad on TV in Iowa over the past week. Today’s poll shows these investments making a deep and lasting impact.