Hello, and thank you for your support of my campaign! It means the world to me.
This week I was on Bloomberg to talk about Universal Basic Income as a response to increasing automation:

The reception was great.  More and more Americans are realizing every day that we need big new solutions that will actually improve people’s lives.

I’ve decided to put my money where my mouth is and give a Freedom Dividend of $1,000 per month to someone in New Hampshire in 2019. I will do the same in Iowa and hope to enlist some like-minded people to expand the Freedom Dividend to include more and more people in the weeks ahead.

I did not decide to do this lightly. I do not have the kind of wealth where $24,000 is an amount I can give away without real deliberation and tradeoffs. I have already contributed $40,000 to the campaign and have yet to take a salary. I have two kids who are just hitting school age.

But then I get some perspective. I am asking my team to sacrifice other opportunities to work with me on this campaign. I am asking everyday Americans like you to believe in me and to donate your hard-earned money to the underdog campaign for real change. I am asking all Americans to look at the suffering around us and say, “It doesn’t have to be this way.”

Many Americans are struggling to make ends meet and find themselves in very tough situations. It’s a thrill to think that this $24,000 will help at least a couple families pay their bills, get their heads up, plan for the future and perhaps improve their lives. That’s what this campaign is all about—building a new economy that puts Humanity First. It is only by believing in our people that we can build a prosperous society in an age of new technologies. This is a way to demonstrate that people matter more than money.

I hope that you are excited about the first real live Freedom Dividend. If you are, please spread the word, particularly if you have friends and family in New Hampshire who would benefit from getting an additional $1,000 per month (i.e. most people).

I also hope that you will use this occasion to make this campaign your own through a contribution of any amount. If we lead by example, we can show our fellow Americans that this is yet a land of abundance, of heart and opportunity. Great things remain possible if we make it so.

Let’s show what we can do.

Yours truly,