NEW YORK — Following Andrew Yang’s commanding debate performance last night, the campaign raised $750,000 from 20,000 donations, a third of which came from new donors. The impressive haul adds to the over 350,000 grassroots donors to the Yang campaign, the vast majority of whom are small-dollar donors.

“The most important thing we can do over the coming weeks is make sure that Iowans and New Hampshirites are hearing Andrew’s message. It’s exciting that voters are seeing much more of Andrew in-person and on TV, but there’s still more to be done — we’ve found that when voters truly listen to what Andrew has to say, they very quickly consider him as one of their top choices. His message, in conjunction with our strong ground-game, spell out tremendous upside for this campaign come February,” said Campaign Chief Nick Ryan.

Today’s fundraising feat comes on the heels of recent fundraising accomplishments, including the campaign’s single largest 24-hour fundraising haul on November 30, when it raised nearly $750,000 online from more than 18,000 contributions.

Last week, the campaign raised $2 million from 65,000 contributions over 10 days while Andrew Yang met with nearly 1,600 Iowans during his first bus tour through the state.