Exciting news—just this morning, CNN released their latest rankings for the 2020 Democratic presidential field. Out of 24 candidates, only 10 get placed in the ranking.

For the first time, they placed Andrew in the Top 10. That places us far ahead of sitting senators, governors, members of Congress, and former Cabinet members. We are gaining serious momentum—and the media is finally starting to catch on.

Andrew Yang shows up on the CNN Power Rankings list for the first time

But to win, we need to jump at the chance to build on this early attention. That means we need to hit our $3.5 million fundraising goal by the June 30th reporting deadline. Please click here to donate $20 today.

$3.5 million is DOUBLE what we raised last quarter. If we succeed in hitting that goal, we will be the insurgent candidate that all the press is talking about. We will climb in the rankings. We will rise in the polls. And we will have the war chest we need to seriously compete for the Democratic nomination.

Contribute $20 today and let’s keep the momentum growing.


-Team Yang