Andrew Yang Announces #PledgeForHumanity initiative on Dec. 1, Partners with Rep. Ako Abdul-Samad’s Creative Visions to Host Iowans Looking to Volunteer 

DES MOINES, Iowa — On Wednesday, Andrew Yang announced that he and his supporters would commit to volunteering in their local communities this Sunday, Dec. 1, in a #PledgeForHumanity that is another example of the campaign living its values and implementing its vision before winning the White House.

Today, in Iowa, the Yang Campaign announced that it is also partnering with Iowa Rep. Ako Abdul-Samad and his non-profit, Creative Visions, to host Iowans looking to join the initiative to help their community and those in need on Dec. 1.

The #PledgeForHumanity event is part of an ongoing commitment by Andrew Yang and his campaign to live up to their Humanity First message. Whether it’s providing Freedom Dividends as part of a pilot program or encouraging supporters to volunteer an hour of their time to their communities, Andrew Yang’s campaign is one focused on action, not just promises.

“What we need in Iowa and across the country is a commitment to humanity; a pledge to put aside our differences and work with one another to improve our community and help those in need,” Rep. Ako Abdul-Samad said. “That is why I am joining Andrew Yang in making a Pledge For Humanity on Dec. 1 and encourage my fellow Iowans to do the same. This Thursday we offered our thanks for what we have. On Sunday, let’s show that appreciation together and for each other.”

Examples of the type of volunteer activities that Yang is asking Iowans and their fellow Americans to pledge to do include volunteering in a soup kitchen, cleaning a park, writing letters to active service members, volunteering at local animal shelters, or other ways to benefit humanity.

Here is how the #PledgeForHumanity will work:

  1. TAKE THE PLEDGE: Take the #PledgeForHumanity from Nov. 29 to Dec. 1 and pledge one hour of your time to do something great for humanity.
  2. SHARE YOUR PLEDGE: Share your pledge on your social platform (of choice) using the hashtag: #PledgeForHumanity, and encourage your friends, family, and social network to join you in taking the #PledgeForHumanity
  3. TAKE ACTION: Make your pledge a reality and take action on Sunday, Dec. 1, to do something good for humanity.

This commitment from the Yang Campaign in Iowa represents its growing momentum in the state. Along with 13 Iowa field offices and counting, Andrew continues to talk to as many Iowans as possible to let them know about his plans to put Humanity First. Andrew shared this message last week during events in Council Bluffs and Sioux City.