Today, actor Steven Yeun endorsed Andrew Yang for president. Best known for his starring roles in The Walking Dead and Burning, Yeun and his family immigrated from South Korea to the United States when he was young, where he was raised in Troy, Michigan and went to school at Kalamazoo College.

“After meeting and speaking with Andrew Yang several times, I didn’t see a traditional politician. I saw a real human being who is authentic and genuinely cares deeply about everyday people and our country. I think he is rising to the challenge of a new world and he’s uniquely thinking about the future and the life we will leave for our children and further generations,” said Steven Yeun.

“We’re thrilled and honored to have Steven become a part of the constantly growing Yang Gang. His story is a true testament to the American Dream that immigrants from around the world come to this country to pursue. Beyond his personal success as an actor, it’s his humility and kindness toward others that really align with the Humanity First values of our campaign, the same values that continue to power the momentum of our campaign as we head into 2020. Evelyn and I also love watching The Walking Dead, so Steven’s support is exciting in many ways,” said Andrew Yang.

The high-profile endorsement today follows Andrew Yang’s commanding debate performance at the sixth Democratic primary debate in Los Angeles. In the day after the debate, the campaign raised $750,000 from 20,000 donations, a third of which came from new donors. The impressive haul adds to the over 350,000 grassroots donors to the Yang campaign, the vast majority of whom are small-dollar donors.