This past week was a big one for the campaign on several fronts.

First, I was interviewed by Ezra Klein this week on his podcast on Vox. Ezra is one of the top political and economic journalists in the country. We debated the labor market, automation, the impact of technology, universal basic income, and the economy. If you missed it, you can hear it here.

Second, more news from Iowa poured in from the Des Moines RegisterNBC NewsCedar Rapids GazetteDaily Times HeraldBleeding HeartlandIowa Starting Line, and Insight on Business. Here’s a quote from the blog OpEd News:

“Based on what I heard at the Wing Ding last night, my candidate is Andrew Yang. He has the intelligence and the kind of ‘outside the box’ thinking we need to solve today’s problems AND tomorrow’s!! In my opinion, he appears to possess the type of genius and non-traditional ideas and insights we, as a nation, NEED to move forward.”

High praise! You can see the full video of my speech here.


I will be returning to Iowa over Labor Day weekend to headline a Labor Union rally and meet with precinct leaders. We are going to keep the excitement going where it can do the most good.

Third, both a documentary filmmaker and a writer for Esquire are now following the campaign. Recognition is growing that our campaign is building a movement.

Finally, one of the most respected and admired leaders in Silicon Valley has come on board to support my presidential bid! This could be a game-changer. We are preparing a more formal announcement so stay tuned for more in the days ahead. I know, I know… we’ll resolve the suspense soon.  😉

The team and I are more optimistic than ever – we see the potential every day. We couldn’t do any of this without you.

A few things you can do to increase our momentum:

1. Donate today so we can grow the team and spread the word.

2. Share the interview with Ezra and/or the video of the Iowa Wing Ding speech with like-minded friends.

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Let’s lead our fellow Americans and show what we can do if we invest in people.

Gratefully yours,